CMI Novacast Solutions

Learn how electromagnetic (EM) pumps work with no moving parts to automate the movement of liquid metal in foundry casting and non-casting applications for aluminum, sodium and other alloys.

CMI Novacast PG 300 Pump
CMI Novacast PG 450 Pump

PG Series

Ideal for both gravity pour and low pressure bottom/side-filling liquid aluminum in foundries.

LA Series

Maintenance-free pumps for liquid sodium used for nuclear power plant cooling systems.

CMI Novacast by the Numbers


Years of EM Pump Experience


Pounds of Liquid Aluminum Pumped


Years without LA Series Maintenance (and Counting)


Gallons of Liquid Sodium Pumped

CMI Novacast EM Pumps Are Trusted By:


Amazing casting process. Best way to have everything under control: no porosity, no turbulence… That’s the future.

Julio Juarez
Plant Manager, Saint Jean Industries

A very dependable and reliable company that always goes above and beyond for their customers. We have developed a great partnership of twenty plus years due to their dedication of [sic] foundry supplies. We highly recommend CMI Novacast.

Littlestown Foundry

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