Electromagnetic Pump System: Heated Launder

Launder systems are electrically heated and controlled by thermocouples. All parts that come in contact with the molten metal are made using special silicon-carbide ceramic, which has a long history of providing excellent service. Since the launders are electrically heated, there is very little or no heat loss from the furnace to the mold. This minimizes the need for super-heating of the metal in the furnace, and further improves metal quality and reduces costs.

The metal moves up from the pump through a short unheated section and then enters an 85 degree elbow which is connected to a horizontal section. The horizontal section is at a 5 degree incline, which allows the launder to be self-draining when the pump is shut down. The horizontal section is then attached to the mouthpiece.

There are several different mouthpieces available depending on your needs, such as roll over, direct low-pressure, tundish, gravity, or double low-pressure (i.e. two molds in one press). Special mouthpieces can be designed according to your individual needs.

Since the launder carries a large volume of metal every week, it is important to clean it every week. In most cases, a spare is heated one day in advance and put into service, while the other one is cleaned and re-gasketed. The launder transport cart makes this changeover fast and easy.

CMI Novacast heated launders come in two sizes:

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