Electromagnetic Pump Cooling System

The CMI Novacast electromagnetic liquid metal pump is an electrical device which contains special coils that are designed to operate at temperatures much higher than almost any other coil made today. There are, however, limits as to how hot the coils may operate, and the laminations which make up the pole pieces also have a maximum temperature limit. In order to keep the temperature of these items below their maximum, a special pump cooling system is provided. This system consists of one (or two for redundancy) special blower and a control package. The control package contains the temperature monitoring and control devices to ensure the safety of the pump electricals.

The cooling system also provides self-sealing for small leaks in the pump. As a result of the cooling of the internal areas of the pump, a “freeze-plane” is developed in the ceramic walls of the pump. If a small crack occurs in the ceramic wall, the metal that penetrates that crack will reach a point inside the wall where the metal temperature is below solidus, and the leak is temporarily sealed. As a result of the “self-sealing” of small leaks, the pump life is greatly extended compared to pumps that do not have this freeze-plane feature.

The controls keep the internal pump temperature constant, which minimizes thermal cycling of the ceramics, improving their longevity.