Electromagnetic Pump Preheat Oven

CMI Novacast electromagnetic liquid metal pumps are made of hygroscopic ceramics (they will absorb moisture from the air), therefore it is critical to remove all moisture from the pump and heat the pump to the proper temperature prior to immersion in the molten metal. Failure to fully preheat the pump may result in: thermal shock to the pump, introduction of hydrogen gas into the metal, or freezing of metal inside the pump. The pump preheat oven is designed to raise the pump temperature at a controlled rate, which further enhances the removal of moisture from the pump. Since there are electrical coils inside the pump, it is also required to cool the inside of the pump. The preheat oven incorporates a variable speed cooling blower for this purpose. This cooling blower further aids the removal of moisture and helps to maintain a fixed internal pump temperature. The preheat oven is portable and may be plugged into any standard welding outlet with 3 phase power.

General Specifications:

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