Nuclear Cooling & Other Non-Casting Applications

Moving liquid sodium, aluminum, bismuth, galinstan, lead, lead-lithium, lithium, mercury, potassium, and sodium-potassium alloys (NaK), is a serious, highly volatile business – especially liquid sodium, which explodes on contact with water and air.

Whether the molten metal is used in nuclear power plant cooling systems, in national or university laboratories for testing, in pipelines for transport, or in experimental commercial applications – like cold fusion reactors, large versatile test reactors (VTR) or fast breeder reactors (FBR) – it’s critically important that the metal’s movement is precise and consistent. There is no room for error.

Non-Casting Liquid Sodium Movement Solutions

CMI Novacast’s LA and CA Series electromagnetic pumps were designed to move molten metal automatically, safely and unerringly. The pumps are contactless after installation and run seamlessly for years inside completely sealed systems.

To ensure that these pumps meet your spec and safety standards, CMI Novacast’s EM pump experts will work closely with you to solve issues in lab testing and, if required, assist in the design process. Learn more about the LA and CA Series pumps by clicking on the images below:

CMI Novacast Electromagnetic (EM) Liquid Sodium Pumps: LA Series

LA Series


CMI Novacast Electromagnetic (EM) Liquid Sodium Pumps: CA Series

CA Series


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