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Founded in 1981, CMI NOVACAST manufactures electromagnetic pumps to automate the casting and movement of liquid metal.

Utilizing no moving parts, the pumps create no turbulence. The automated molten metal delivery system features low pressure pumping that offers innovation and cost savings to the light metal casting industry. The pump is computer controlled with the ability to store and recall many different profiles. Electromagnetic pumps, controls, and launder systems are able to produce more castings of better quality in less time.

Originally developed for the aluminum foundry industry, CMI Novacast pumps have grown to fulfill the needs of many other metals. CMI Novacast has built pumps for aluminum, zinc, sodium, mercury, potassium, NaK, and magnesium. The pump flow rates are very controllable with instantaneous changes. This technology is suitable for many metals at temperatures up to 1472° F/800° C.

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