Foundry EM Pump Video

Watch the video below to learn how electromagnetic (EM) pumps were developed and manufactured by CMI NOVACAST specifically to automate casting for the aluminum foundry industry. These EM pumps are also used for magnesium, zinc, and other metal alloys at temperatures up to 1,472° F (800° C). Utilizing no moving parts,

CMI NOVACAST pumps eliminate hand ladling with gravity and low pressure, bottom/ side-fill pumping options. The pump and flow rates are computer-controlled with the ability to store and recall many different profiles.

CMI NOVACAST EM pumps, controls and launder systems allow sand casting foundries using gravity pouring to produce up to 120 castings per hour, foundries using the rollover scheme to produce up to 90 castings per hour, and foundries using low pressure bottom filling to produce up to 200 castings per hour – with higher quality metal and a pouring based scrap rate consistently below 4%, and as low as 1%.